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Shoe Repairs Ireland     Frequently Asked Questions.

The sole of my shoe has a hole. Can it be fixed?

Yes, this is a speciality of ours. We can provide either a rubber or leather sole for your taste. Also the rubber soles come in a variety of colours to meet your fashion needs, please see our gallery for details.

Can you lower the height of my heels?

Yes, some people may fell unsteady on high heels and may prefer their heels be lowered. This will depend on the preference of the

customer and also the shoe itself.

My shoes are a little tight on my feet, is there anything that can be done?

Yes, we offer a shoe stretching service that can stretch the shoe in the width and/or length to suit your needs.

In the wet weather my shoes are feeling damp and are causing my feet to be uncomfortable. Can you help this?

Yes, we can apply a non slip protective sole on your shoes. They are a thin layer of non slip material which are non porous and are ideal for the Irish climate.

The materials on my shoes have worn out can they be replaced?

Yes, the materials used by ourselves are nearly always better than the factory type originally applied to your shoes ensuring a lasting high quality product.

I don’t like the colour of my shoes; I’d like to change them. Can this be done?

Yes, we sell shoe dye or for your convenience we can do it for you. We have a large stock of colours to choose from.